Top 10 Cookie Bake Tools

As the author of a cookbook entirely dedicated to cookies, I’ve made a lot of different types of cookies. I am happy to recommend the tools I use to successfully bake cookies to my fellow home bakers. This list is a great place to start if you’re a novice baker, making a registry, or shopping for a gift for the cookie monster in your life.

Let’s talk about cookies

At the heart and soul of my baking profession, I’m a cookie lover. I have over 250 cookie recipes on my website, as well as a cookbook with 75 cookie recipes, plus about 15 cookie recipes published in my first cookbook. I also post a cookie countdown every year called Sally’s Cookie Palooza.

Between testing all these recipes, as well as making them for your general enjoyment and that of others, I made them Tens of thousands of batches of cookies. This is no exaggeration!

With all of this practice (including recipe fails!), I’ve learned what tools are best for baking cookies. I don’t know about you, but I avoid overloading my kitchen with unnecessary tools, so this list includes the absolute essentials—the tools you need to help ensure cookies are a success.

Like a bunch of chocolate chip cookies…

17 chocolate chip cookies on the cooling rack

Before we get there, let’s review our top cookie baking success tips:

Cookie baking success tips

  1. Cool cookie dough. If the cookie dough is sticky, moist, or especially greasy, refrigeration is in your best interest — and yours! -. Refrigerated cookie dough helps prevent spread. The cooler the dough, the less likely it is that the biscuits will spread excessively in greasy puddles.
  2. Temperature is the key. Unless you routinely calibrate your oven, its temperature is likely to be inaccurate. Get an oven thermometer. They are usually inexpensive and will save you the headache of wondering why the cookie baking time has stopped. Likewise, make sure your ingredients are at room temperature. Here’s a shortcut to softening butter quickly.
  3. Skip the specified baking time. Think of the baking time in a cookie recipe as a general guideline, and use your eyes (and oven light!) to check it frequently. Cookies are usually made when the edges are set and turned very light brown.
  4. One at a time. You get the best results when the oven focuses on one batch of cookies. If you need to bake more than one batch at a time, rotate the baking sheets from the top rack to the bottom rack a few times to encourage even browning.

More cookie baking tips:

Top 10 Cookie Bake Tools

All of the bakeware on today’s menu are items I own. None of these posts have been sponsored – really just items I love and would be happy to recommend to my fellow home bakers. Many of these links are affiliate links.

1. Half a sheet

What I own and love: Nordic Ware Half Sheet Frying Pan The USA pan bakes a half-sheet pan.

Recommended quantity: at least 2.

First of all, high quality cookie sheets are a must. Did you know that the color and texture of your cookies greatly affect the way your cookies come out? Dark metallic sheets can easily overcook the cookies, and thin, weak cookie sheets can burn the cookie bottoms.

Both of these brands have excellent quality and have stood the test of time with frequent use. The 12″ x 17″ size is perfect for a dozen cookies, and the rimmed pans make these pans great for other recipes like toffee, caramel corn, sheet cakes, cake rolls, and slab pies. Traveling with a sheet cake or cookies? Or just want to keep things fresh? Get a half tray with a lid!

Bakers tip: Do not put cookie dough on a hot baking sheet. It’s best to have some cookie sheets on hand so you always have room temperature sheet on hand for the next batch. Otherwise, you have to wait for the baking tray to cool before putting more cookie dough on it.

Nordic Ware 2 Baking Sheets

2. Silicone baking mats

What I own and love: Silpat Premium Nonstick Silicone Baking Mat.

Recommended quantity: at least 2.

Baking mats are my favorite baking tool. Coating your baking sheet with nonstick spray or butter will create an overly greasy foundation, causing the cookies to spread excessively. I always recommend a silicone baking mat (11″ x 16″ to fit half sheet pans) because it sticks to the bottom of the cookies, preventing the cookies from spreading too much. These mats also help promote browning. It is reusable, dishwasher safe, ideal for roasting vegetables, meat, fish, potatoes, etc.

I also love these paper sheets, which are already cut to size.

Biscuit dough balls arranged on a baking tray

3. Cookie Scoops

What I own and love: OXO Good Grips Cookie Scoops.

Recommended quantity: I have a set of 3 sizes, but if you only want one, the medium sized cookie scoop is the most commonly used for making cookies.

Cookie scoops are super easy. They help keep your cookies uniform in size and shape; Easy pressure on the handle releases the sticky dough ball; Plusthey have a lot else uses! I use the large (3 tablespoons) cookie scoop for cupcakes/muffins, pancake mixes, ice cream, meatballs, and even for serving mashed potatoes. I use a medium size (1.5 tablespoons) for most cookies—especially the garnished raisin oatmeal cookies and the sticky coconut macaroons. And I use the small (1 tablespoon) for truffles, for smaller cookies like peanut butter cookies, and as a watermelon pie.

Two pictures of oatmeal cookie dough in a cookie spoon and oatmeal cookie dough in a glass bowl

4. Cooling racks

What I own and love: Wilton Cooling Rack for Perfect Results Wired Cooling Racks for the Ultimate Kitchen

Recommended quantity: at least 2

I usually allow baked cookies to cool for 5 minutes on cookie sheets once removed from the oven. However, I immediately move them to the cooling rack afterwards. why? Cookie bottoms need some air in order to cool, and we want to avoid wet cookie bottoms. I own quite a few of these cooling racks. It’s inexpensive, gets the job done, and has lasted me years.

Black Wire Cooling Rack

5. Base mixer

What I own and love: KitchenAid Ultra Power Plus 4.5qt Slant Head Mixer.

Recommended quantity: 1

A stand mixer is a must if you bake cookies on a regular basis. I really like the 4.5L volume for most bread recipes. You can certainly steer clear of a hand blender instead (this is the hand blender I own and love), but a hand blender makes the job easier and more versatile as you can use different attachments with it. When I’m working with a massive amount of dough/batter or making something that requires several minutes of mixing (old-fashioned fudge, whipped cream or egg whites, bread dough, etc.), a regular mixer is worth its weight in gold.

6. Quality Measuring Cups + Digital Food Scale

What I own and love: OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Measuring Cups and Ifuerte Stainless Steel Measuring Cups + Spoons and Handles OXO Good Grips 11 lb Stainless Steel.

Recommended quantity: 1 set of measuring cups + 1 food scale

I love this set of measuring cups because of the soft, easy-to-grip handles and high-quality stainless steel. I also love this set of measuring cups for the same reasons, and the fact that it has a 1/8 cup measuring cup. (Which is rare in groups. 1/8 cup = 2 tablespoons, which is the often used measurement. Very convenient!)

For a more accurate measurement, definitely choose a food scale. The OXO food scale is the one I use. A gram is always a gram. An ounce is always an ounce. A cup is not always a cup, so weight is the most accurate method of measurement. My team and I include weight measurements in all of my recipes.

OXO . Dry Measuring Cup Set

7. Roll pin

What I own and love: Gourmet medium sized maple rolling pin from JK Adams.

Recommended quantity: 1

A rolling pin is necessary to get the cookies cut. Prices for rolling pins vary, but the pins I own are fairly inexpensive and have lasted me for years, with very frequent use. I highly recommend it.

wooden rolling pin

8. Strong cookie cutter

What I own and love:

You may love all the whimsical cute skins, but make sure to buy them Quality Cut the cake. By that I mean cookie cutters that are sturdy, durable and have sharp edges to give you a clean cut.

Must-haves include a set of round cookie cutters – I use them for mint bark cookies, striped cookies, homemade fluffy cookies, and more. For a variety of fun and seasonal variations, just about anything from Anne Clark’s collection is great for sugar cookies.

Decorated sugar cookies

9. Silicone spoons

What I own and love: The Starpack Essentials Silicone Spoon Set and Williams-Sonoma Silicone Spoons.

Recommended quantity: at least 2

Spoons are a must in any kitchen, especially if they are well-made and hard-working. I have a lot, but my favorite and most used silicone spoons are these Williams-Sonoma spoons. From stirring and mixing, to scraping the sides of dishes, spreading garnishes, cooking, etc – I use it for everything, every day. And spoons with cute sayings make a fun gift!

10. Cookie Vector

What I own and love: Target Made by Design Rectangle Cupcake Carrier and Snapware Snap’n’Stack Portable Storage Rack with Confetti Lid.

Recommended quantity: 1

Do you take your cookies out of the kitchen? Whether your batches are for a party, bake sale, or work along the road, you need a case that transports your cookies safely. I love this cupcake stand. I use it for cupcakes of course, but I also use it for cookies. Here’s my trick: I flip the tray and stack the cookies inside. I love this cupcake and cookie holder too – it’s bigger and stores more.

Cupcake & Biscuit Dessert Holder

Now let’s bake some cookies!

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