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here 15+ Mother’s Day Recipes Including madeleines, scones, cookies, strawberry cake, tea cake, cinnamon rolls, and more! Mom will love every thoughtful recipe.

Happy Mother’s Day weekend for every kind of mom and maternity. Strong mamas, women on a journey to becoming mothers, mothers about to be, mothers to their children, mothers who have never held their children, mothers who are no longer with us, and every kind of mother in between. This weekend we celebrate, remember and embrace each other. Here are 15 Mother’s Day recipes to show mom how special she is, even if you’re that mom.


My go-to scones recipe for brunch. With over 15 species, I’m sure you’ll find one mommy you will love. Blueberry muffins and chocolate chip muffins (pictured below) They are the two favourites! Top scones with lemon curd (pictured below) For an extra special treat.

tea cakes

Gluten Free Chocolate

Our delicious, rich, delicious Flourless Chocolate Cake is naturally gluten-free, extremely easy to prepare, and no special assembly required. Or try this 7-ingredient gluten-free, coconut-almond chocolate treat.

Easy Cinnamon Rolls

These are the easiest homemade cinnamon rolls because they only require one rise. And this giant cinnamon roll is surprisingly simple too…just a matter of cutting the dough into slices and rolling them together.

Favorite Muffin

Double chocolate muffins and jumbo blueberry muffins have been in my recipe rotation for years, so if you’re looking for a mum-pie you’ll love, they’re both prime options. I also have a basic pie recipe where you can use your favorite flavors and add-ons.

Raspberry and Almond Cake

Readers are obsessed with this raspberry-almond cake recipe. I’m not exaggerating…this recipe has a huge fan club!

Almond sliced ​​raspberry cake

Simple one layer cake

If you’re having a small celebration, this 6-inch marble loaf or single-tiered chocolate cake might be just the thing that cuts down on leftovers, yet still impresses!

Madeleine or Petit Four

Light and airy madeleines have a delicious lemony flavour. And if Mom is craving something extra special with her tea, she will love Petit Four.

Lemon cake with milk

With a delicate lemon cake on top and a rich lemon pudding on the bottom, these unique lemon pudding cakes are a tangible dream. All made with an easy cake mix and 8 simple ingredients.

Lemon cakes with milk

eggs for breakfast

Rose Butter Cupcake

The mini cupcake bouquet with rose cupcake is fun to make and I guarantee your cupcake has never looked more beautiful. You can also try the two-tone buttercream roses!

Piping pastel pink roses on little cupcakes

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Beautiful layer cake

Three readers’ favorite recipes include the lemon-coconut cake, the strawberry cake, and the famous raspberry-lemon cake. Each cake is bursting with flavor and they are great choices for any spring occasion.

French toast casserole with cream cheese

As a mom, I’d say 100% honestly that any mom would appreciate a huge serving of French Toast Casserole with Baked Cheese. Or add some berries and make it a casserole of French toast with berries and cream.

strawberry pie

Simple to prepare, this classic strawberry cake celebrates the fresh flavors of the season. And this strawberry single-layer cake is impressive!

For more recipe inspiration, you’ll love this list of all my favorite spring dessert recipes.

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