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Here is a group of 15+ Father’s Day Recipes Including Breakfast, lunch, and dessert including fan-favorite chocolate muffins and a giant cinnamon bun (that will impress any daddy in your life!) a luscious blueberry muffin full of custard.

Dad will love every thoughtful recipe!

Happy Father’s Day Weekend to every kind of father and father figure reading this! My team and I have put together a collection of our readers’ favorite recipes that will surely celebrate the dads and dads in our lives. Here are more than 15 Father’s Day breakfast, lunch, and dessert recipes for you to browse. Have you tried any of this list?

Favorite Muffin

Double chocolate muffins and jumbo blueberry muffins have been in my recipe rotation for years, so if you’re looking for a muffin daddy will love, they’re both prime options. I also have a basic pie recipe where you can use your favorite flavors and add-ons.

homemade donut

It’s very easy to make baked cakes like cupcakes, and if you don’t have a donut pan, you can use a muffin pan instead. When I have more time on my hand, maple bacon cakes are always a fun option!

You can’t go wrong with breakfast tagine

If you’re looking for a sweet cream cheese French toast casserole, it’s always a winner. If you are looking for delicious foods, no one will ever miss a serving of this bread breakfast casserole. It’s my business almost every time I host brunch. (every-time!)

indulgent breakfast cakes

This easy cinnamon roll is clearly a family favorite, but why not elevate it for Dad with this giant cinnamon bun? (I actually saw mouths oozing when I put them on the counter. Lol.) If rusk buns are daddy style, this blackberry cheesecake is a foolproof treat.

Classic breakfast

No breakfast is more special than a plate of homemade pancakes, and I highly recommend the whole wheat cranberry pancakes if you’re looking for something new to try.

Cookies, obviously

These chocolate chip cookies are the most popular cookie recipe on my website and totally worth a try. If you don’t have time to refrigerate the cookie dough, I recommend these Nutella Chocolate Chip cookies instead.

Or maybe dad doesn’t want to participate? Try M&M’s Giant Monster Cookie.

Giant monster biscuit

Perfect pancakes

This master lemon pie recipe requires only 3 ingredients for the filling. And if Dad craves a classic slice worthy of the blue stripe, this blueberry pie features a dense raspberry filling (which lays down beautifully!) with a golden, buttery, flaky pie crust.

You (and Dad!) will appreciate this peach strawberry galette because it uses fresh summer fruit and is so much easier to make than an entire pie. But if one pie conquers every other…a super pie If you like…this has to be this peanut butter pie.

Crack your own baking molds!

Delicious sweet lemon bars, layered cookies, and creamy brownies are indulgent, impressive, and easier than they look!

And apparently no one can resist these five no-bake ingredients with chocolate peanut butter and campfire-inspired cookie s’mores. 🙂

And one cake for my dad only

Well, I hope dad gets involved! This mini chocolate cake is a 6-inch cake. It’s undoubtedly quick and easy to prepare, easy to decorate, and there are hardly any leftovers.

Top image of chocolate ganache and pink heart on chocolate cake

If you need more Father’s Day recipes, here are a bunch of spring dessert recipes and plenty of summer recipes to browse.

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